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    im trying use my schools wifi. Im prompted to login into the wifi hotspot. i enter my username and password correctly and i get HTTP Error 500: Internal Server Error with this message:

    an unexpected condition was encountered which prevented your request from being fulfilled. this could be a problem with the gateway, a problem with the destination server, or a problem with the page itself. please try loading a different page.

    I then try another network at the school. its says my connection is successful. when i go to browse im brought back to a Network Access Control page by my school. Which prompts me to login again. After doing so, im told:

    "your operating system is unsupported by this application?"

    Why cant i access my school's wifi?

    Im pretty sure all the other smartphone users here on campus are able to do so.

    I have no trouble using wifi at starbucks or mcdonalds.
    01-10-11 05:42 PM
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    Any ideas?

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    01-11-11 06:09 PM
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    So I'm still having this problem. I talked to an IT guy at my school and he just told me to make sure I'm logging in correctly or try logging in as a guest which only requires putting in your email address and if that doesn't work make sure that my phone is properly setup to receive open networks. What does that mean? I have no trouble using wifi at other locations (starbucks, mcdonalds). Aren't those open networks?

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    01-15-11 01:00 PM