1. Fast Eddie P's Avatar
    Alright, here is the scenario...

    A fellow BB user has requested me to be a contact via email.

    Through BB Messenger, I accepted his request, but I am still in his Pending list and he is still in my Pending list.

    What did we do wrong?
    02-24-09 11:11 AM
  2. Username0223's Avatar
    hey fast eddie, it doesnt soud like u did anything wrong, there is a similar thread on this called "blackberry messenger help" posted either yest or 2day with the same prob-some1 did say that bbm was having issues & suggested that they just add the pin to the contact in your address book. maybe that may help. if you look under this section general bb discuss im sure u'l come accross it! good luck!
    02-24-09 12:08 PM
  3. Username0223's Avatar
    op was by "timkolnitys"
    02-24-09 12:10 PM
  4. Fast Eddie P's Avatar
    Thanks! I appreciate your help.
    02-24-09 01:21 PM
  5. Tremortality's Avatar
    SPB is right. The best way to add folks is from the address book, so just make a new contact along with their pin in your address book, then select them from your address book list when you are trying to add a contact in BBM (instead of use once) and it should work. I had this issue with my original OS, when I updated the bug had been fixed.
    02-24-09 01:24 PM
  6. Username00089's Avatar
    You can click the link in my signature. Maybe that will help.
    02-24-09 01:25 PM