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    I originally posted it to the 8820 forum but have gotten no responses. I've downloaded the Opera Mini (4.2) zip to my computer, unzipped it, and directed Blackberry Desktop (version to the folder. It copies the alx file, but not the cod file. Under applications I can find Opera Mini, but it needs to be installed. I click on the plus sign, and it says Pending Install. I click on Apply and it appears to install. However, it is now back to showing it needs to be installed. Now I've run into the same problem with LogicMail 2.0 and Opera 5.1 as I did with Opera 4.2. It also tells me there is an update for the Help App every time, but it never installs it when I hit "Apply".

    Another problem is that I can't get the firmware update to succeed (fails about 1/3 of the way through, saying I should check my net connection). Could it be the version of Blackberry Desktop Software that is the problem? Or is there another reason my Blackberry firmware and apps can't be installed?

    I can't use the net to add the apps because I'm using this Blackberry strictly as a PDA, so until I get Opera installed I can't access the net via WiFi.
    02-17-11 09:27 PM