1. shanij804's Avatar
    idk if somebody already did this post but whatever...i have 2 email accounts on my phone (bb email & yahoo) im having trouble adding a 3rd account which is my professional account...when i try to add another one it says something about an account already exists on the device....can anybody help?
    07-12-10 05:16 PM
  2. Motorcycle Mama's Avatar
    You need to log in to the BIS with the BIS user name and password first. (Note that if you don't know these, you will need to contact your carrier to have them reset.)

    Then you need to click Setup Email. Then you add the information for your email address.
    07-12-10 07:30 PM
  3. Slick's Avatar
    you can also contact your network provider and ask them to resend the 'service books' as that sometimes helps
    07-13-10 03:16 AM
  4. Xopher's Avatar
    When you log into your BIS account (e-mail setup), you should be able to see which e-mail accounts are configured for your BB. Maybe you have the wrong password or something and it couldn't validate. If that is the case, you should either be able to change the password, or delete the account and add it back in.

    You can also resend your service books from the BIS account Help menu.
    07-13-10 08:14 AM