1. Anillang's Avatar

    I've been getting the following errors constantly:

    JVM Error 104
    JVM Error 547

    I've been told that if I reload the OS and start from a clean slate, the error will stop.

    I followed the instruction on the site on how to reload an OS on a nuked BB and everything is still there...all my settings, texts, etc. I thought maybe the error would stop but before the BB actually rebooted completely, I got the white screen with the 547 error twice, in which I had to select Reset to get it to leave.

    I've backed everything up so I'm ok with reloading everything but I have no idea how to wipe it clean.

    Any tips?

    02-11-08 07:17 PM
  2. jsanders's Avatar
    You actually probably need to wipe the device with Jl_cmder, first, then load the OS.

    Reloading a "bad" backup could be putting the problem issue right back on your device. Try Advanced Restore, one thing at time (like calendar, then memos, etc., and see if you can determine where the problem is).
    02-11-08 07:22 PM