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    Hi all. My first post here. I am seriously seriously contemplating changing over to the BB8300 tomorrow. I am using the Palm Treo 750v now. Main reason to change is because the Treo 750v is just unstable. Never does a day go by that I won't have to soft-reset. The phone just crashes again and again...

    I actually prefer the BB8320, but because of my location (I'm in Malaysia), the 8320 is not offered. The latest BB offered here are Pearl and 8300.

    I just have a few questions though to persuade myself to purchase the BB tomorrow:

    1) I need to have all upcoming appointments on the Home Screen. Is this feature available on the Curve?
    2) I need to be able to synchronise my BB with my Outlook 2007. Is this possible? Please note that my office does not run on Blackberry Exchange. We are just using simple pop3 corporate account.
    3) I am quite used to using Touch Screen. Will the BB (which has no touch screen) prove difficult to navigate?

    It's the first BB that I intend to purchase, and I hope that I am making the right choice. Thanks in advance to all who gives advice. Rest assured that if I purchase the BB tomorrow, then you will see me here more often. Have a great day.
    03-03-08 01:02 AM
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    1.) Yes, there's a theme which allows you to see a couple of your next coming appointments. If that isn't enough you can download BBtoday and that should take care of that.

    2.) Yes you can synchronize with Outlook.

    3.) I went to a BlackBerry from a Palm device......and NO, you won't miss the touch screen at all.
    03-03-08 01:07 AM
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    Thanks for the quick answer.
    03-03-08 01:09 AM
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    Trust me, the BB is 100x more stable than the Treo. The OS is simple, easy and in 1 word it just....WORKS

    Theres not many bells ab=nd whistles, but everything you need is there.
    Search for Today theme, it has the appointments on the home screen, but it has only the next few.

    The touchscreen, you wont miss it at all. I find the trackball more than makes up for that.

    The only thing you are going to miss, is the SMS conversations.

    I switched from a Treos, 4 years worth, and 15-20 devices, and haven't looked back since.
    03-03-08 01:11 AM
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    Wow. That is very encouraging to hear. Would need all the help I can get starting tomorrow when I get my Curve!!

    Hmm... Can't wait...
    03-03-08 01:24 AM
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    Well, you have come to the right place for help and encouragement!!!!

    Also, Can't you get an unlocked 8320 and use it?
    03-03-08 01:49 AM
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    Well, in Malaysia, there is no 8320 available. And I am quite worried to buy over ebay. Electronics are sensitive items, so wouldn't prefer to buy from overseas.
    03-03-08 02:14 AM
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    Welcome to the Crack, now there will be no turning back. I too had a Treo and haven't missed the touch screen one bit. As to the OS, you can forget about multiple soft reset daily, BB versus Treo is like night and day. (It just "WORKS")

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    03-03-08 02:53 AM
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    Yeah... one of my main concerns about switching over to BB is the loss of touch screen... I surf a lot from my treo, and the touch screen plays a very important role for me during surfing (to pan the pages left, right, select buttons...). But the advantage of not having to soft-reset every few day outweigh the loss of touch screen.

    I have another concern though. I am in Malaysia. The only two carriers that offer the BB are Maxis and Celcom. However, I am from another carrier called Digi. I have an unlimited data plan with Digi, and I plan to use the BB with this plan (yeah, the BB comes unlocked). Is this possible because I read somewhere about BIS... If I don't have BIS, can I still connect to the internet with my Digi unlimited data?

    Thanks in advance.
    03-03-08 07:00 AM
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    Well, in Malaysia, there is no 8320 available. And I am quite worried to buy over ebay. Electronics are sensitive items, so wouldn't prefer to buy from overseas.
    Same here...still don't have the guts to put my precious bucks at eBay.
    Yes no 8320 up until today. Everybody elsewhere (not all though) in the world already have bought/used/touched the goodies of other Pearl and Curve models. I've asked Celcom about this but the best answer I got is 'not yet'. Come on lah...!

    Ah, btw..welcome to the wonderful realm of BlackBerry. I'm sure you like your bb more than your treo
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    03-31-08 03:58 AM
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    Yes, I do, in fact. Have had my BB for close to a month now. Wondering how could I have gone through a day without a BB to organise everything. And I love the stability. NEVER had a 'hang' phone ever since I made the move.
    03-31-08 08:01 AM
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    I had the 750v... It was a bad phone after doing a crap load of modifications, but compared to a BB, it can't compare. Good choice.
    03-31-08 09:03 AM
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    My mom is actually on a treo and looking into a job where they would give her a berry and she thinks she will like it and I say the same thing. No questions asked she wants a 8330WE

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    04-01-08 12:26 AM
  14. crackvegas78's Avatar
    BB all the way.
    04-01-08 12:46 AM
  15. TheAznBradPitt's Avatar
    i came from a treo also im still gettin emails from treo sites haha
    04-01-08 04:00 AM