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    I just downloaded this form my BB 8900 and i like the way this tool works but there are a few issues i have. I cant get to download maps at a good zoom level. Can anybody help with that?

    TrekBuddy Link: TrekBuddy - J2ME application for GPS tracking
    Map Builder for TrekBuddyLink: gm2tb - GoogleMaps 2 TrekBuddy maps
    09-26-09 01:11 AM
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    09-27-09 08:38 AM
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    has nobody used it?
    09-29-09 10:24 AM
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    Hey there...

    I just got the Trekbuddy installed and working and was pretty simple on a Storm 9530....that's the Pro...

    The CON is that the friggin program doesn't seem to have any zoom ability.

    Holy useless.

    What good is a map with 1 view? It's not.

    I guess I'll just stick with using a Tom Tom.

    03-12-10 11:34 AM
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    The CON is that the friggin program doesn't seem to have any zoom ability.

    I've just gotten Trekbuddy v.0.9.96 working with my curve 8310. There seem to be several different methods for creating maps/atlases. From my limited experience, Trekbuddy Atlas Creator v1.7 seems to be the easiest by far

    As far as "zoom" functionality, you need to creat your map/atlas with whatever detail layers you want to have. For example, while you cannot "zoom", per-se within a given map, you can switch to a different "layer" at any time, effectively giving you zooming functionality.

    For example, I want to make a Jerusalem region map. In Trekbuddy Atlas Creator, I highlight the area i want to map, select the (zoom) layers it want to have (ie: 12-17) and then create map/atlas. When i'm using the map on my BB, i can change "layers" (ie. zoom) at anypoint by hitting #7 or 9 and then choosing the layer i want.

    I am actually quite impressed with this little program. I have so far created Hybrid and map atlases with 12-17 layers and it works great. My only two complaints so far are:
    1. Constant gps us (ie. trackin) drains battery considerably. When I had a data plan, google maps seemed to go to sleep whenever holstered and save a lot of power...i haven't figured out if Trekbuddy does that or not.

    2. No search functionality

    Hope this helps!
    04-22-10 04:25 AM