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    Hi I have a very random question from my boss.

    We both have a 8330 and he is travelling to Nicaragua next month but he has to keep his phone open so that his sick old mom can call him there is an emergency as he's the only member of her family left. What is the best option to keep it as cheap as possible ? He is on Telus network in Canada do you think they have deals with carriers down there, how can u filter calls and only let one number go thru and filter off data as well ? Do you need a chip as well or something ? I hope there is a solution to this as otherwise he might cancel his trip.

    Thanks a lot ! He'll appreciate the advice and hopefully suscribe to this forum (aka, the best on the internet )
    07-09-08 04:08 PM
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    I am going to Costa Rica next month since I live there in the summer I don't have a phone down there but my dad does and he just brings it back home when he comes back here and I think that the cell phones down there are pay as you go if your boss wants to go in that direction

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    07-09-08 04:12 PM
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    That is very interesting but I mean how do you convert your blackberry to that pay as you go thing ?
    07-10-08 10:23 AM