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    I have an AT&T Torch 9800 in the US. I'll be spending 3 weeks in New Zealand for work. I used to have AT&T's unlimited international data and it worked great but I cancelled it so now its not available to me anymore. What is the best way to use data for BBM and email while in NZ?should I get one of AT&T's international data plans that they offer now? Or unlock my phone and use a NZ sim card in my phone? I won't need to make any calls and probably very few texts, mostly just data for internet, BBM and email. Thanks.

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    08-05-11 01:05 AM
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    Depends on what your international data plans cost. Data in NZ is notoriously expensive. Check out Broadband & home phone. Mobile phones & plans. Smart phones & data. Vodafone NZ for details.

    In fact, looking through that website, I'd be surprised if they had a pre-paid non contract type sim you could use Blackberry services on. Every time I go, I just suck it up and pay the extra charges.
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    Sorry for dredging up an old post; unsure if you've already been to NZ.

    Vodafone has a plan called Smart 45, $45 NZD per month and includes 1GB of Data (BIS enabled), 100 Anytime minutes and 2500 TXT messages. Although this isn't a Prepaid SIM, it does not have a contract, so you can cancel with 1 months notice.
    10-10-11 08:32 PM
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    You can unlock your Blackberry phone to make it work with any carrier, then you can use any GSM carrier.
    If you are visiting New Zealand for a short time period then Pre-paid can be a good option.. see if one of the carriers there offers pre-paid SIM card with Blackberry data plan like Orange in Europe.

    After unlocking your Blackberry and inserting a SIM card from other carrier then At&t remember to update the service books for Data to work.
    10-11-11 05:54 AM