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    Hi All,
    Just got hooked on Crackberry after getting hooked on my Blackberry. I will be traveling to the USA for work and have a bold 9000. My provider is Rogers and I live in Canada. Just wondering if anyone has some helpful tips on keeping costs down, but maximizing my Bold for email, browsing, & messaging. Ideally I'd rather not buy a bunch of Rogers "packages" to make my phone roaming friendly for voice and data if I don't have too. Any nuggets of info from those in the know would be appreciated.


    02-05-10 02:01 AM
  2. Reed McLay's Avatar
    4Additional data transmission is charged at 3/MB. While roaming in the U.S., data transmission charges of 0.6/kb apply. While roaming internationally, data transmission charges of 3/kb apply.

    Notice how they have priced International data... per Kilobyte. It takes 1000 Kb to make 1 Mb. That works out to $6.00 Mb.

    That pretty well rules out streaming midia and downloading anything but mission critical files.

    On a positive note, 1 Kb is the minimum granularity. You can compose a substantial message for 0.6 each.
    02-05-10 11:08 AM