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    Hi all, is it possible to buy some kind of adaptor to use to directly transfer (no computer involved) photos from my digital camera, taken on a big old Compact Flash memory card to my Blackberry Bold (9700) to do some basic editing and then upload them to the net? I've tried looking it up on google, but it tends to assume I'm talking about the phone's own digital camera and not give me relevant results. Should compact flash not be do-able, my camera can also take xD cards too if the answer is any different for them.

    I'm going travelling for the next few years on a minimal budget and mostly won't have access to a computer and want to just use my camera and phone for uploading photos, without having to pay for internet cafe computers, which are often full of viruses, keyloggers and other malware.

    Thanks in advance for any replies/suggestions!
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    Current phones don't support USB connection to external media readers. The best solution I can see is to use a microSD to regular SD adaptor in the camera, then pull the microSD and put it direct into the phone. The adaptor is cheap enough, but small only the size of a regular SD so be careful... I've lost 3 this year. I know they are around here somewhere
    12-11-11 01:14 PM
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    That's rather unfortunate, curse their pesky limitations!

    An adaptor like you suggest could be a good option. SD cards are a bit newfangled technology for my 2004 made Olympus C-8080 camera however; it just takes CF cards or xD cards.

    Despite it's age it's still an excellent camera though and If I can get an adaptor to work with either of those formats with my Blackberry and camera then I'm good to go. The CF card I'm currently using for my photos is 4.5 cm long so a bit harder to lose.
    12-11-11 02:02 PM