1. 12djm12's Avatar
    I had a blackberry pearl where the charger on the side broke so I can't plug it into my computer. Then I dropped the phone so my screen broke on it and I can't see anything on the screen.

    I got a new blackberry and I want to transfer my phone #'s from the old one to the new one and I am not sure how to go about that without being able to see the screen or plug in the phone to my computer.

    What holds the memory in the phone?? Can I take this out somehow and transfer the info?
    03-07-10 10:41 PM
  2. amazinglygraceless's Avatar
    This is going to be really tough. The memory in the phone (device memory) is not
    removable. If you saved your contacts to your SIM card that would be one way.
    Simply put it in the new phone and copy them to the new one.

    The other way is if you have a recent backup you can restore your contacts
    to the new device from that.

    Other than that, your carrier may be able to work some kind of mojo for you.

    Good luck.
    03-07-10 10:53 PM
  3. jfrancis#WN's Avatar
    I know if you were connected to Google contacts, you could probably log in to sync it to your new device, or when you activate your new e-mail address they could carry over if you stored them with Google. At least that's what happened with me when mine broke. It would be tough to get them back, unless you order a new charging port and a new screen. It could actually be cheap if you really need the contacts.
    03-07-10 10:58 PM
  4. Motorcycle Mama's Avatar
    You could also create a Bluetooth connection between a computer and the device and use BlackBerry Desktop Manager.
    03-08-10 05:43 AM