1. Yvon Dionne's Avatar
    Just got my Z10 love the phone. When using the Blackberry Link software to transfer information from my Torch 9800 to the Z10, my phone contacts did not transfer. This is frustrating.....I really don't want to enter all this information manually.
    02-10-13 09:17 PM
  2. Thunderbuck's Avatar
    Yes, that sounds remarkably frustrating.

    I just want to clarify: did you use the Transfer Wizard in Link? And did it give you the option to transfer contacts (it SHOULD have, but it might have either skipped the step or not offered the option)?
    02-10-13 09:20 PM
  3. robtanz's Avatar
    Try this. Pair the phones via bluetooth and then select transfer contacts on your Torch.
    02-10-13 09:55 PM
  4. Emu the Foo's Avatar
    This is a good helpful tip
    02-10-13 10:05 PM
  5. segonku's Avatar
    I used the bblink and it transferred just my conversations so I tried bluetooth. It worked sort of. It only transferred phone contacts (no Facebook,email or twitter ) and it only transferred the first one so I had to delete a contact, transfer, repeat. Annoying and laborious. Here's what DID work: on my 9300 I used wifi and downloaded an app called contacts to csv. That app copied my contacts to sd card which I moved to my z10. When in my z10 I transferred the csv file to the device. I put it in the misc folder in my file manager but I don't think it matters what folder. Boom! Everything there! Fb contacts, phone, twitter, email etc. Hope this helps.
    02-10-13 10:07 PM
  6. Yvon Dionne's Avatar
    Thunderbuck I used BB Link didn't give me that option. Paired via bluetooth but can't find the transfer contact link on the Torch.
    02-16-13 09:10 AM
  7. jagrlover's Avatar
    When I switched from my 9800 my contacts didn't appear immediately also. I ignored it for a couple of hours as i wanted to play with the phone and they magically turned up. I don't know how or why either.

    Posted using CrackBerry App on BB10
    02-16-13 09:15 AM
  8. JenX15's Avatar
    I found it pretty frustrating too. BBM and FB contacts transferred, but nothing else. It turns out that the contacts are stored on your old SIM card. First you need to copy the contacts from your old SIM card to your Torch. Then do the link, and the contacts will transfer.
    02-16-13 10:37 AM
  9. mathew abraham's Avatar
    I have also used BB link, backup and restore using storage media to transfer all of my mail accounts and contacts from torch 9810 to z10 , it's frustrating , I didn't found any contacts and email after restore but text messages are restored. It's given a message that your contacts may be missing you may need to copy manually,strange..
    02-24-13 11:22 AM
  10. anon(5624621)'s Avatar
    I also found it annoying. Link didn't transfer contacts or calendar. It said that transfer was successful but it wasn't (there *may* have been an issue with the Z10 driver on my PC, but didn't investigate that thoroughly). I checked to make sure my contacts weren't on my SIM on my 9800 and they weren't. In the end, I did the same bluetooth transfer segonku mentioned (transfer, delete, repeat).
    For Thunderbuck - the transfer wizard in Link didn't give me any options in terms of what to transfer, but there was a message that it would transfer contacts, etc.

    Still love the Z10. Really didn't love Link at all. Closer to "despise"..
    02-24-13 12:15 PM
  11. GJL's Avatar
    I had a similar problem and BB link would not tranfer my contacts.
    I downloaded a app called intouch and it dit it for me easy 123!
    The guys were also very helpful and responded immediately to a issue i had.
    Give them a try!
    03-01-13 02:38 AM

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