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    Hi, I know a lot of people out there have blackberry devices with trackpads that wobble slightly, this isn't a huge issue for some people but for others it is extremely annoying including me. I found a quick and simple way of fixing the wobble with some tape. All you need is some tape, scissors, a needle and preferable a pair of tweezers. The trackpad sits inside a little cut out and the wobble is cause by a slight gap around the perimeter of it. Start by cutting a small piece of tape that is around the same length of one side of the trackpad and around the same width as the chrome bezel around the pad. Once you have that cut out stick it to the tip of a needle and slowly guide it into the gap between the trackpad and the phone. Once in the gap stick the tape to the side of the trackpad. If you cut the tape too wide it will stick out a little bit so if this happens just take a pair of tweezers and pull it out. Now for some people putting tape on one side of the trackpad may be enough but if you have a large wobble you may want to put it on all 4 sides. I did 3 and now my trackpad is firm and feels great. It takes a while to get the tape the right size so that it doesn't stick out but it is a great way of stopping the wobble for anyone that doesn't want to exchange phones or can't exchange one. Hope this helps.
    12-28-10 12:01 PM
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    Actually what you said is true and correct. However, if you have the phone under warranty, just send back to the shop and ask them for repair. This will solve all the problem once and for all. Sometime it is not worth buying from normal phone shops as even though there is warranty, the service might not be that good compared to the one you buy from your carrier.

    Just a suggestions

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    12-28-10 12:19 PM