05-30-10 02:06 PM
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  1. syb0rg's Avatar
    Wow. Are you that paranoid that you are worried about a GPS tracker in your phone. What about the GPS chip they give you with your yearly shots? i can leave my cell phone at home but the GPS chip in the body goes with you....

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    02-16-10 03:53 PM
  2. brianbfd's Avatar
    BerryTraqr can provide real-time tracking data. It can be installed as an app which can be seen and turned off or removed. It can also be installed as a service which makes it very difficult to remove, and few users would know how to even see that it is installed. It can provide alerts for location and when speed thresholds are crossed. Looks like it is targeted towards parents monitoring kids, but there certainly could be other uses as well. I have no connection with this app, I've just tried it out of curiosity for trip logging, geochaching, etc -- actually works pretty well.
    I have BerryTraqr on my BB. I thought it would be handy with my job, but I have never used it. I have it disabled, but I'm still paranoid about these sort of things. I don't care if they know where I am, I just don't want them to know where my phone is. <=J/K

    Can anyone give me step by step ***** proof instructions on how to remove it? I am still very new to BB and have a lot to learn. My BB is an 8310 Edge.
    05-30-10 02:06 PM
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