1. ktheriddle's Avatar
    My baby girl recently spat up milk on my curve 8900 lol! I thought all was working well until a few hours later when the trackball started playing up. It moves well and as normal, however when selecting anything it doesn't always work. I've take the entire thing apart and cleaned it, but it's still intermittent. Does it sound like the sensor needs replacing?
    09-17-10 01:15 PM
  2. 2TRILL's Avatar
    uh oh sounds like your lil one might want you to pay more attention to her instead of your blackberry LOL

    i believe the milk might have gotten into a crack that the wipe can't get to, you said you took it apart and still no better?, it could be the sensor, take it into a repair shop see if they can help, worst case you might have to replace the phone.

    i dread accidents like this so i try to be EXTRA careful it mines.

    09-17-10 02:39 PM