1. chrisalfonso's Avatar
    so the other day i was using my phone and it was rainin so water got into it.
    i started getting that jvm 545 error but i resolved that by using app loader.
    now the only issue i am having is with my track pad.
    its strange cuz on my home screen it functions fine, i can move up down left and write. i can select the apps on my home screen as well.
    but in main menu i cant move at all. but i know its not frozen cuz whatever app is being high lighted i can select it.
    but its not just my main menu that the track pad aint responding but in other screens as well such as my sound profiles, any screens that i use to make changes to certain aspects of my phone for example the screen and keyboard settings.
    does anyone know what is goin on and if this is fixable or am i stuck with this problem?
    11-01-10 07:14 PM