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    Hi there! My husband and some of my friends have the curve. I love the trackball abilities etc. I was about to buy the Tour, which is just coming out on Verizon, but then I saw a Storm and I just can't decide which one to get. My only issue with the Curve/Tour is that my vision isn't great and the keys are hard to see.. I noticed right away on the Storm that the keys were easy to see.. and it does have a bigger screen. I mostly use for phone and email, not music and maybe a little for photos and calendar, but mostly phone, email and txt. So can anyone help me decide which to get? I did notice the screen on the storm gets finger-prints a lot, which would be a bummer. I have used the invisible shield on the curve and on other phones, but I'm not sure if the storm still works to the finger touch and slide if you have a screen protector on it.
    So.. if anyone can help me decide it would be hugely appreciated.

    Thanks - Maggie
    07-03-09 03:44 PM
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    If you get the right screen protectors you shouldn't have a problem.
    Otherwise maybe you should wait and look at th storm2 v the tour.

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    07-03-09 03:49 PM
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    Hey there!

    You made two solid choices for a new phone, tour or storm.
    Sounds like the storm is the best fit for you. You'll get all
    those great blackberry features on a touch screen.
    You'll enjoy the bigger screen for browsing, videos, and
    viewing pictures.


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    07-03-09 03:57 PM
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    Hi and thanks.. I haven't read much about what's in the storm 2, but I should.. although I don't want to wait that long.. so can you offer any thoughts on the tour vs the storm? or what screen protectors are good? we got a "cheap" one for the curve and we got what we paid for so we went back to the invisible shield from zag.. but maybe that's not the "right" shield for the storm. a guy gave it a really bad review.. of course that was just one man's word.
    Thanks again. Maggie
    07-03-09 03:58 PM
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    Hi Ultra Magnetic! What about for mostly email/txt and phone use? Are those items "better" on the storm too? I can see how photos and videos are etc., but I rarely do photos or videos. Any thoughts are appreciated.
    - Maggie
    07-03-09 04:00 PM
    Hi Ultra Magnetic! What about for mostly email/txt and phone use? Are those items "better" on the storm too? I can see how photos and videos are etc., but I rarely do photos or videos. Any thoughts are appreciated.
    - Maggie
    i have the storm and im about to get the tour when it comes out i love my storm for what you'll be using it for is really nice and easy the typing is great on it thought i wouldn't like the surepress but i can type fast as **** on surepress oppose to the full keyboard on the storm which isn't bad at all on its own. i have a zag shield on my storm and have used the screen protectors from the verizon store as well and both are great doesn't effect the touch screen at all. and finger prints isn't that bad as it sounds. my suggestion is wait till the tour comes in a week go to a vzw store play with both and make your decision based off that the keys may look small on the tour but won't really know how small or big till you really have it in your hands!
    07-03-09 04:11 PM
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    Blackberry devices have made a name for themselves
    as the ultimate messaging device. When it comes to
    email, txt, and phone use the tour and the storm
    would offer the same social networking, instant
    messaging, email support and ability to make calls.

    The only difference is the storm one uses a touch
    screen, and the tour uses a QWERTY.

    Typing on the storm
    is known to be slower, as the screen
    actually acts as one button and presses down
    and springs back up. When typing fast its
    common that you press the next letter in the
    word before the screen pops up which would
    leave the next letter not inputted.

    Typing on the tour
    is known to be faster because of the physical
    buttons. Each letter has its own spring back,
    so when typing fast and you happen to press
    the next letter before releasing the previous
    the next letter will still appear.

    I'd recommend the tour for you, as your main
    purpose is communicating email, txt, and calls.
    It would just suck to be able to read emails and txt
    on a bigger screen, but struggle to reply back with
    numerous errors.


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    07-03-09 05:04 PM
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    In regards to your question about a screen protector, I just put Ghost Armor protectors on my iPod touch and my Samsung 760 ( I know, not a BB, maybe the tour) and they are the best ones I have tried to date. I can't really even tell they are there and finger prints don't really show much unless you have the "greasy fingers" thing after eatin Kentucky Grilled Chicken, hehe

    My 2 cents worth

    07-03-09 05:38 PM
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    Tour = 8900 crossed with 9000 which are pretty good
    Storm = crap crossed with junk
    07-03-09 05:50 PM
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    I'm in a similar quandry. I was a palm user since the Palm II, I've used Verizon XV-6700, now XV-6800, but I'm really tired of Windose always crashing, memory leaks and having to reset the phone 2-3 times a day. My priorities are:

    1.Sync with my Exchange Server account
    2. Up to date Calendar (I use Pocket Informant)
    3. Voice Speed Dialing
    4. Working Bluetooth ( I currently use Plantronics Voyager 855 Stereo) as a general rule
    5. Note taking (currently use OneNote link to OneNote on my computers
    6. PDF viewing
    7. Excel, and Word ability to edit while not imperative is a bonus
    8. GPS, web, etc.

    I don't know blackberrys but cannot continue with this phone.
    07-03-09 06:16 PM
  11. lilbigchef's Avatar
    I live in canada and my carrier is telus mobility I got the storm 1 and thought How cool is this welllllll the answer is NOT AT ALL I took the storm back not once but twice because of software issues. The big keyscreen was so annoying when i upgraded to os 5 stopped wking in portrait mode and then would shut itself off at will. The easy to see keys cannot keep up with a normal not even quick pace like u can use on bold tour or curve. The phone although the storm was estheticly pleasing its functionality came into question the first day i got it. The tour came with a higher res screen trackball wked better than the touchscreen and was more accurate. To me because Ive had em both there is just no comparison. But if you love ur storm by all means keep it.
    03-05-10 05:28 PM
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    Hi There - Thanks for posting.. I went with the Tour, back in July when it came out - and I really love it.. The only issues I have are that the screen print is small (us older folks don't see so well!) and I still seem to stink at txt'ing on it - although I've gotten a lot better.. so I'm glad to hear your comments - since ocassionallly I wish I had gotten the storm b/c of the bigger screen and bigger letters to txt with.. I thought there was going to be a new storm model - or at least improvements, but apparently still a lot of problems with it. I hope you like your Tour.. I have not had any issues with mine and it really suits me well.. One thing I missed a lot from my old "razr" phone was "repeating alerts" - so I got a great program called BerryBuzz and I really love it.. another thing I missed a lot was more than one alarm - and I tested a lot of different apps, and ended up buying one from Adorno - but none are as good as the bberry one - mostly a problem for me b/c I keep my phone locked and in my pocket - as opposed to using the holster - and I have to get the keypad to unlock (slow) before I can silence or snooze the alarm. Maybe some time there will be a better program for this. Anyway, hope you enjoy your Tour and thanks for posting.
    03-06-10 11:19 PM
  13. Cyber Warrior's Avatar
    Both great phones, depends on if you want touchscreen or not.
    03-06-10 11:21 PM
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    Yes - I do have friends who love their Storms.. I should have said that.. so they're not all bad.. I would just always go back to Verizon - or whomever you have, and get another phone if one is bad.. I know Verizon is great about trading in a phone if it's bad.. their customer service is the best..
    03-07-10 01:05 PM