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    I've recently received a Dell Lattitude E6500 from my company. It has bluetooth capability. So for teleconferences, I figured why not pair by BB with it, and use the speaker and mic from the laptop during a conference??? Good idea right?

    Well, I tested it out with my wife first. She sounded great from the laptop speakers. She could hear me better than when I'm on the Tour's speakerphone.

    But after she said anything she would hear it repeated on her end. It looks like the mic on the Tour didn't turn off. So it was picking up everything she said through the laptop speakers, then the mic on the Tour would send it back to her.

    Any ideas how to turn off the Tour's mic when connected to a latptop?
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    02-19-10 07:04 AM
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    It might not be the Tour's mic...It might just be that the laptop's mic is sensitive enough and the speakers were loud enough, that the mic picked up what was coming out of the speakers.
    02-19-10 07:36 AM
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    I did consider this, but there's 2 things that I believe dispelled that notion:

    1. I was on Skype with no issues. If the mic was that sensitive, it wouldn't matter how I was using the laptop to communicate, it would still have the same issue.

    2. The delay was 2 or 3 seconds.

    That led me to believe it was the Tour's speakerphone mic.
    02-19-10 07:42 AM
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    One way to find out would be to put your phone in a bag or something, place is 15-20 feet away (the beauty of Bluetooth), and have your conversation...If there's still the 2-3 second delay echo, then it's not the Tour mic. If there is no echo, then maybe it was.
    02-19-10 07:46 AM