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    I own a tour 9630 and drive a GM product equipped with factory bluetooth. I was able to pair successfully and had no problems making calls by activating my phone through my steering wheel controls and then giving voice commands. Recently, I attempted to make a call the same way and ran into audio issues. Although the 9630 was paired (the blue light was still flashing) and the outgoing telephone number was displayed on my car radio screen, there was no audio until I physically activated the speaker on the phone by the "$" sign, and even then, I had no audio through my stereo speakers. The phone works fine by itself, but when activating a call by bluetooth, the calls are dropped after only a few rings, and again the audio through the automobile stereo speakers is off. After much searching, I finally found that the fix to this problem is to turn the blackberry device on, and remove the battery. After reinstalling the battery, the b.b. will re-boot after a minute or so. I don't know what caused this problem in the first place, and was wondering if anyone else has experienced a similar problem.
    02-28-10 07:04 AM