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    I've been a BB faithful for...since i had a pager. I've been active in the community helping and stomping on trolls. Or does that make it worse? I dunno.

    Anyways - I am a public beta tester for blackberry. As many of you are - blackberry.com/beta

    SO recently - they updated the PodCast app to 1.6. So for those that use the PodCast 1.5 app - its very intuitive, it has a built in browser so you can search through the catalog of podcats, find all the CB, BGR, NFL, Baseball podcasts with out any issue. It works. its fantastic.

    RIM releases version 1.6, currently in beta (Yes i know i am violating my Beta terms, so kick me out). They completely remove the podcast catalogue. Now, when you try and find a podcast it opens up a browser page, with specific google tags of XML or RSS file type only. Than you need to copy the link address, go back to your podcast app and paste the address.

    Why? Why would you disable and no longer host a podcast catalogue?

    Now, that was frustrating. And i hate seeing good features being ripped out of applications. BUT, the glimmer of hope!

    With in the forums, they said that 1.6 would be the last release for current blackberries. Can we assume the current podcast app in the playbook is coming to OS10????

    I sure hope so.

    But i thought Jim and Mike said BB7 will be the "bridge" os for time to come and OS10 will only be for the power user? I guess that vision is gone and its all hands on deck for OS10?
    Again, i can only hope and speculate.
    03-27-12 10:09 AM