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    I am looking to set up my email from my college (virginia tech) and when i type in the email and password and let it do its thing, it says it works but when i check the settings it says it is a imap4 account and not a pop3 account which it really is. I wasnt receiving all of my emails once i set it up on my BB and was wondering a few things.

    1- will having it setup as imap 4 instead of the correct pop3 really mess it up ?

    2- how do i go into the system and fix it manually!

    Thanks for your help!
    05-24-08 11:53 PM
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    It will probably be a little slower and as you found, and not push all of the messages being sent as imap.

    I have not tried it, but I read somewhere, when are adding an account and put in the wrong password, it will fail and take you to the Advanced Options. You can then specify how you want the account to be set up by choosing the "I will provide the settings for this account"

    Hope that helps. Others may have the answer.
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    05-25-08 12:40 AM