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    So here is what I did: I pulled battery, and re-inserted after 40seconds. After reboot, it shows large analog clock. when I flip screen up, the desktop screen shows, with the dialog to enter password. However, the keyboard doesn't work so it's stuck.

    none of the buttons work (green, blackberry, back arrow, or red), none of the keys, and it has this [ES] in the top right corner, but it's on the network and has recognized the home WiFi, so...

    This is blue screen of death for Torch!

    Is there any fancy way to un-freeze the device?
    I don't think it got wet
    I have tried the alt-enter idea, but keyboard doesn't work.

    Thank you for any assistance.

    NOTE: I called the provider, and their advices was backup the phone, wipe it, re-load the O/S., and if nothing still send it back in to Blackberry. Hmmmm., This phone was for my daughter for Xmas, I got it Dec 23rd, and we are not a month in and done. I have a blackberry bold myself, but will likely think before getting this phone.
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    Did you happen to drop it or make contact with water? Did you take the battery off of it and let it sit on a hot surface for a few weeks for it to dry out case it happened?

    I suggest, if it wasn't wet, take it to the carrier store and get a warranty exchange. the membrane is fried and it seems the touch screen is out.

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