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    I feel like this question has been asked many times (although in different variations). So i'll just state my specific facts and why i'm thinking of switching from blackberry to an android (I should also point out that I could get an iphone but i'm just a iphone hater).

    Anyways heres the facts:
    1) I have a plan right now that offers me unlimited data (i'm from Canada this is somewhat rare). Being that on my BB curve 3g last month I racked up a whole 60 mb of data (lol? all through emails).

    2) I like the physical keyboard, mostly because I have big hands and trying my bro's iphone I frustratingly mistyped almost every word (i've been told it gets better with practice).

    3) I really like the instant emails it keeps me connected, but I would like to step into the 21st century. I'd like to browse the internet etc, play games other than brickbreaker.. More so the internet browsing, i'd like to be at a friend house and browse a chinese takeout without having to log onto their computer.

    Anyways so my question is the desire/bold/or torch?
    From my research, the torch is a pretty updated smartphone for blackberry but its still loads behind in comparison to the iphone and some androids.

    The bold is obviously the classic blackberry great performance + battery life, but still "ghetto" for a smartphone of 2011.

    The HTC desire/or HD, doesn't have a physical keyboard (not many do in Canada right now - actually none except BB). The way i'm hearing it is their email is somewhat like microsoft outlook where it gets refreshed every like 5 mins.

    Anyways any suggestions would be great, unfortunately in Canada we are stuck with 3 year plans or we get royally screwed. So it is quite a big decision to lock into one phone for 3 years. I've asked a couple of customer service reps at the stores but realized 99% of the time they just recommend the phone they use. Thanks in advance
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    With the new Blackberries coming like the Torch 2 and the Dakota, I would wait before getting locked into another 3 year contract.

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    02-09-11 10:13 PM
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    Thanks didn't even realize they had new phones on the horizon this year, i'll look into them.
    02-09-11 10:30 PM
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    "Ghetto" ?

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    02-10-11 04:27 AM
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    I'll add my .02, for what it's worth.

    I just came over from Sprint and had a HTC Hero and HTC Desire. I switched to AT&T with a BB Bold. Now, some of it might be the different type of service.

    My take.

    If you want a KILLER intenet phone, and poor call quality, HTC is your phone. The call quality of both phones SUCKS! My opinion.

    If you want quality call quality and POOR internet browsing, a Bold is your phone. However it's good for general browsing, emails and Messaging.

    I use my phone for calls, I choose call quality. I own PC's and laptops and my internet is covered..

    my opinion.
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    "Ghetto" ?

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    "dhitto" here bro'....
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    The torch and desire are two different worlds. To put it simply the torch on 6.0(even with webkit) doesn't really compare much to speeds to the desire's webkit browser(hardware also plays a big factor). After using my 9650 on 6.0 the browser still wasn't up to the speed I was looking for so thats how I ended up with my Droid Pro and have absolutely no regrets. I'm not telling you to switch to any platform cause everyones different, but the best thing to do is to mess with each plaform and see which you like best. Nobody can make decisions for you but yourself.
    02-10-11 09:28 PM
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    With the new Blackberries coming like the Torch 2 and the Dakota, I would wait before getting locked into another 3 year contract.

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    Take Rad's advice. If you're planning to lock in for 3 yrs on a Berry then Torch 2 all the way.
    02-10-11 09:37 PM