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    Well got two new Torch 9860 touchscreen with the new OS7 and two free playbooks with the phones. Apart from Optus (Aussie telco company) screwing up my details and mucking me about i hung in there. Friday 2 December all arrived. The instructions were all over the place so I rang OPTUS and passed on the relevant details...no worries mate they will be both activated. One was activated and the second one wasn't. Spent hours on tech support (Which sucks)...

    One of the phones and playbook was not registered and does not exist. They told me I don't have it because their system say's so. Well thanks for the gift...Still need a 2nd phone that works.

    Go back and forth to the local store and finally they make me resign and give me another phone and playbook that is activated. Now I have two phones and playbooks that are all connected and work.....(+ have spare torch and playbook in the drawer just in case)... thank god....Number 1 phone crashed about an hour after getting the new torch activated...it showed a app 606 error... searched internet and called tech support at OPTUS 4 hours later a software program from blackberry is used to fix it but...nup now i have a 507 error....tried again...told to go back to shop to exchange...get to shop but they cant take the phone unless i have box and all the bits...back home get all the bits...go back....have to pay for another phone in the mean time to have me up and going..wait a week to get a replacement...ah ha..i say I have a spare...go home turn on the unregistered freebie i have and away i go. so thought as it is not registered no BBM..but made calls (That will do I think)...then a hour later it crashes and freezed - have no access...so one out of three phones is only working - well I give up about to slash up i think !...at least the playbook is GOOD....as a new BB user I almost went to IPHONE.....give it a week if not -- back to plastics cups and pieces of string...that is more reliable then the TORCH 9860....
    12-04-11 02:50 AM
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    First thing i did when i got two Optus 9860's was to clear the Os and install the latest .540 Os7.

    Both phones work fine, auto reset them every morning keeps them going well.

    Battery life is a real issue, i dont get through the day. Hopefully a newer Os build will come out that will fix this.

    Kindle was not in appworld but you can get it from the kindle site. Why many apps arent in AppWorld is beyond me. Weird.

    Browser is super quick, love Social Feeds, Camera is excellent, the sports mode shutter is soooo quick. Video is good also, make sure you get a large micro sd card though, goes through the storage very quick.

    Until they fix the battery issue I guess i could carry a spare JM1 battery.
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    12-04-11 04:55 AM
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    Actually. I recommend wiping everything off the phone when it comes. OS, apps and er..... Everything! Now download a non-optus OS 7 build. I have used the OPTUS OS 7 and it makes me wanna cry (not literally). What you want to do is download a Verizon Wireless build off the BB website. Then your going to have to delete the "Vendor.XML" file. Then install the latest build and you will have almost no problems. Remember try this at your own risk cause rarely it makes problems (which can be resolved). Since I have a Verizon Bold it works on a full day of use. Hope it does for you! Happy OS'ing

    P.S. I would throw a shoe at your carrier for wasting valuable time.

    P.P.S you have a ton of devices
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    12-04-11 05:47 AM
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    Well I though the OS was the issue....why in today's fast technical world these problems are fixed prior to selling it on the market....the 9860 has been around for a few months I am sure that OPTUS and BB would have known....anyway moving on...I will battle on and get OPTUS to fix it or a techno guy to do a install of the new system. I am not sure how to delete .exe files or install new systems etc. But thanks for the info
    12-04-11 04:41 PM