1. maara's Avatar
    Hi all,
    I am using stereo bluetooth sony-ericsson mw-600. It works fine but the blackberry is showing me every second or two a pop-up that my stereo bluetooth is connected. when if I confirm this window, it disappears but its back again in 2 seconds - its VERY annoying (my music is of course streaming well, without any gap or dropout so the bluetooth connection itself is not dropping out or disconnecting...)

    any one experiencing the same? any solution how to disable the popup?

    09-21-10 05:42 AM
  2. blueyestm's Avatar
    i use a sony too but not that model and have never seen that happen across 2 phones
    09-21-10 06:28 AM
  3. maara's Avatar
    i am not having this problem while the phone is connected to the built-in bluetooth handsfree in my car... - only while using the stereo one.. :-(
    09-22-10 03:17 AM
  4. ev44's Avatar
    have you found a fix yet?
    01-25-11 02:42 AM
  5. maara's Avatar
    yes - it was probably problem of the os.. its working great now and i can recommend mw600 with Torch
    01-25-11 02:45 AM
  6. ev44's Avatar
    so when someone calls you it only displays the number?
    and will it display the song info?

    01-25-11 02:50 AM
  7. maara's Avatar
    exactly... when someone calls you, you see the number (you don;t see the name from the phone book- just the number) and when listening to the music, the track name is displayed for a few seconds (the display is not always on but it goes to sleep after few seconds to save the battery)
    01-25-11 02:54 AM
  8. ev44's Avatar
    also, ive read somewhere (wasnt specific about it) that not all the functions work on a blackberry.
    01-25-11 02:54 AM
  9. maara's Avatar
    its strange - on os6 I didn't found anything not working...
    the only thing which is not working for me is that you can't fast forward the track (you can only play/pause, next, previous)...
    If you want to know something more specific,just ask and I can try it and let you know...
    01-25-11 03:03 AM
  10. ev44's Avatar
    oh thx! its so hard to find any info on this paired with a bb.

    and how are the earphones? from what I read, they say they're good, whats your take?

    01-25-11 03:37 AM
  11. maara's Avatar
    I am usualy using high end earphones like Ethymotics but I was surprised by the quality of the packed earphones - against my expectations, they sounds pretty well...
    Currently I am using the MW600 with Sennheiser PX series headphones because I stopped using earphones but I thing that the MW earphones are above the average....
    01-25-11 03:47 AM
  12. ev44's Avatar
    I agree, I'm also a fan of high end earphones. I'm currenlty using a pair of noise isolating Shure earbuds

    I wouldn't Want to use my shures on this it would be too long!

    good thing I'm also asking a person that's a fan of high end earphones fan. Are u an audiophile?

    How is the sound-isolation on stock mw600?

    Its so difficult to find "expert" reviews on this, most of them are just user reviews.

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    01-25-11 04:10 AM
  13. maara's Avatar
    I don't know how good is the sound isolation of the mw600 earphones (there are i think 3 types of plugs you can choose from) - do not forget that we are talking about an earphones you get free with your bluetooth handsfree... :-)
    As I said before, the quality of the earphones is much better than the other earphones and when I have been using them I had no reason to complain. Of course if there were another earphones with a short cable, I would use them rather but I didnt found any...
    The earphones are fine but it would be silly to compare them to Shure, Sennheise, Koss or any other pure headphone brand but the packed headphone do their job well and as I said - I was surprised by their quality.
    Anyway the earphone quality says nothing about the mw600 itself and if you buy one, I beleive you will enjoy using it :-)
    01-25-11 05:00 AM
  14. ev44's Avatar
    dumb question, but does it have these features:

    Sony Ericsson - Products - Extras - Overview - HBH-DS220

    most notably:
    Fast automatic volume adjustment
    Real time noise reduction
    Whisper mode

    ...or do you even notice them?
    I'm comparing the mw600 to HBH-DS220.

    Sorry for the dumb questions, just that its so hard to find a "proper"/"expert" review on these.

    01-27-11 12:42 AM
  15. ev44's Avatar
    bumpity bump
    01-30-11 01:49 PM