1. markhk#CB's Avatar
    I recently upgraded from the 8800 to the 8820 and am now having difficulty paring the new 8820 to my Tom Tom 910 for the wireless data connection. I know I can use the TeleNav or Google Maps but since I have this $450 GPS unit already I might as well use it and not pay the $9.99 for TeleNav! I really like the Traffic info on the TomTom and if you have ever driven around Atlanta you'll know why!

    The 8800 paired perfectly and I am aware as well the 8820 has a new OS system and could this be causing the difficulty? I have the APN correct for AT&T and can not figure out why they won't pair correctly.

    Any tips/mods etc.. for either the TomTom unit or my 8820 would be greatly appreciated.

    I do not think I can go back to the 8800 OS system on my 8820 as won't I lose the WiFi functionality? I also like the new OS on the 8820 as well with the new screens etc...


    10-15-07 04:03 PM