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    Thanks CrackBerry and Best Buy Mobile.
    Today is the last day and I told a friend of mine about the 4G Torch 9810 for "0".

    I showed him my OS7 BlackBerry and he was already thinking about it but after I told him about the sale he just jumped in on it.

    I don't know about other BlackBerry users but BlackBerry seems to be taking good care of us. They gave us 100 bucks in free apps for the outage (I took all of them gratefully) then there are 77 bucks in free apps in app world right now. then there is the savings from BB Bridge for my Playbook, the BBM savings, and the great e-mail and messaging.

    My friend Bill was impressed about the low data consumption on the Voice Navigation, the Vlingo feature, and he liked the BBM Music app concept.

    Add one more to the BlackBerry family as a result of that promotion.
    This always makes me so happy! Go RIM!
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    03-08-12 04:09 PM