1. Click's Avatar
    Trying to find SOMEONE that knows where I could possible find a TMO theme for the 8703e(Alltel) I like how the icons are on the bottom instead of the side. Here is what I am looking for just in case any one doesn't know what I am talking about.
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    08-06-07 04:05 PM
  2. MiniBB's Avatar
    I would like this one too.

    I finally got the whole OS thing figured out, deleted all the vendor stuff and this one didn't pop up as an available option.
    This one theme is the one I really wanted.
    08-07-07 12:43 AM
  3. anon(153966)'s Avatar
    Once you have the latest OS (4.2.*) on that device, then you have to also do the 'unlock ALL themes' fix...
    08-07-07 06:48 AM
  4. MiniBB's Avatar
    I am a bit worried about upgrading to 4.2 on Alltel. Who knows what might happen...maybe the cellular police will come and arrest me.

    I haven't seen this as an option for CDMA.
    08-08-07 12:41 AM
  5. Click's Avatar
    Why would the cellular police come and arrest you? 4.2 should be out for alltel around the 16 or 17 when we launch the 8830!!!! WOOOOHOOOO!!!!!!!!

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    08-08-07 07:28 AM
  6. MiniBB's Avatar
    I was just joking about the cellular police.

    I haven't seen 4.2 as an option for the CDMA phones. What I had read about 4.2 usually always said GSM only.

    As much as I would like a 8830, I might wait for Curve. Such a difficult decision!!
    08-08-07 04:53 PM
  7. MiniBB's Avatar
    Will Alltel users be notified of the release of 4.2?
    08-08-07 08:07 PM
  8. Click's Avatar
    Of course not! I wish they would but they wont. You will have to check this site to see if it is out. I would check around the 16 or 17... I would guess it would be launched the same time the 8830 is launched...maybe not.


    also you can pim me and I can always check.


    08-08-07 08:27 PM
  9. MiniBB's Avatar
    Thanks Chad, appreciate your help
    08-08-07 08:34 PM