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    So, next month I'm off to the US with family (I'm from the UK) and would really like to use my 'berry whilst out there, preferably without racking up a whopping great massive bill. First thoughts were to turn data off and use wifi for emails (can I still receive emails over wifi?) If not then I guess I'll have to log in... Using iSkoot for calls (unless Skype has properly been released- which it's supposed to be soon). And that's about as far as I got really...

    Is it worth unlocking my 8900 and using a local sim card? Or should I just give it a miss and attempt to keep my data to a minimim?

    All opinions and comments welcome.


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    05-26-09 05:56 PM
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    When I travel in Europe, I save money with emails, pins and BBM instead of calling, the Int roaming data plan with my Carrier is $20 and I use a local pre-paid sim in my Pearl for all local calls.
    05-26-09 06:06 PM
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    a local prepaid SIM from AT&T or Tmobile might be your best bet for local calling. check your emails through your browser over wifi where you can. i dont think push works over wifi, but im not sure.
    05-26-09 06:13 PM
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    I have the same issue, I am going to the Channel Islands shortly and would like to know what I should do in regards to saving money on my bill - I'll be texting and phoning the UK and also using data a few times a day?

    I am on Orange UK and have looked at their roaming packages but it all seems very confusing. Can someone who is on Orange UK explain it please? Or try and help me out.

    I do have a PAYG sim card here and I was thinking about topping up by 20 maybe 30 and using a different phone - not my blackberry but I don't know how I would manage 10 whole days without it.

    Please help, any advice or any opinons will be great.

    05-28-09 05:12 AM
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    Nevermind I worked something out - Vodafone have take away their roaming charges this summer and they have a vodafone exclusive mobile in store for 25 so I'll buy one of those and it'll be cheaper than my "run up" phone bill
    05-28-09 05:53 AM
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    Have a look at this thread, O2 do an internationl bolt-on that may be of use to you. Its a 3 month minimum so you need to way up how long you'll be there for & if the bolt on is cheaper or not.
    Depends on what contract you are on ? Do you have ITS ? How many calls do you normally make & expect to in USA ?
    Are you just wanting to use e-mail or will you doing lots of web browsing ? What is you text allowance like ?


    I used my BB in NYC for 10 days over Christmas / New Year, used e-mails, sms/mms, calls, maps & web browsing
    which came out around 95 extra on top my normal bill. As it was during the quieter holiday period i did have less e-mails / calls etc as most of my business contacts were on holiday around the same time. So it was more family / friends calls, sms, e-mails etc so it really depends on usage.
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    05-28-09 06:12 AM