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    This is something I discovered while I reloading both leaked and official O/S's through DM...after wiping the phone with BBSAK or whatever, and going thru your DM to reload an O/S, half way thru reloading it, the DM will say "Reconnecting to JVM", and then after the phone attempts to reboot, it displays "Error 507..." (and this usually happens a lot when you load a leaked or non-carrier O/S)...at this time, your DM will still attempt to connect to the phone)....

    well, my solution for this, based on my past several experiences, is to unplug for phone for a few seconds, and plug it back in....then DM will pick where it left off and finishes the installation...so far it's worked for me everytime on the Bold 9650 and the Torch 9850....g'luck....
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    10-25-11 07:55 PM
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    Why are you trying to stop it

    As I and tons of others have said over and over, there's no need to wipe before upgrading/downgrading, except for rare circumstances, because it will wipe during the install anyway.
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    10-25-11 10:29 PM