1. jshmks's Avatar
    I thought it'd be interesting to see how everyone first started off when they got into the cell phone industry. I'm sure most of us started out small with a phone that had the basic, texting and calling, while others went straight for the Palm Treo's, BlackJacks, etc.

    Here's how it went down for me:

    Year 2000: My first ever cell phone, was in middle school and I thought I was hot stuff with a tracfone LOL.

    Year 2002: My second cell phone, basically when I started my freshmen year of high school

    Year 2005: I believe in senior year (already having a horrible young memory) is when I received my enV. Was my favorite phone up until now

    Year 2008: Just last summer I purchased my first ever BlackBerry, and have never liked a phone better.

    Possibly upgrading to the BlackBerry Storm very soon!

    Let's hear your stories
    01-16-09 10:09 AM
  2. madphone's Avatar
    ...cell phone was in '97 and it was huge. The company I worked for had "bag" phones that needed to be plugged into the trucks.

    After that I had a Nokia (dont remember the model)

    Then I got my frist "flip phone" what a treat that was.

    years go by...

    and I get a phone with a COLOR screen.

    Then I kept getting new phones that were upgrades along the way.

    I my first BB was when the Pearl came out, and have been hooked on BB ever since.

    Then when I could I got a Curve, and truly fell in love with BB,

    Now I have a Storm and I am married to BB for life.
    01-16-09 10:16 AM
  3. Spinny's Avatar
    That Moto V-170 TracFone was actually my third TracFone (and third cell phone overall). It's the one I had until late last year when I got the Curve. I never did take to cell phones, usually left 'em turned off unless I had an emergency and needed to call out. I still don't do much yakking or texting, but the e-mail and web browser (and a game or two) have started to make a dent in my slack time.

    I think this was the first one:

    Here was the second:

    And of course the last one before the Curve:

    01-16-09 10:28 AM
  4. jackm3's Avatar
    I went thru phones like people went thru toilet paper.... it would take 3 pages to account for every one. The notable ones?

    A tracphone exactly like Spinnys

    A V3 Razr

    8100 Pearl was my 1st BB

    G1 Android phone

    and now my 8310 Curve
    01-16-09 10:54 AM
  5. gdasilva16's Avatar

    my first model with AT&T. i was the king of snake with that phone.
    01-16-09 11:18 AM