09-26-11 09:05 AM
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  1. p1800nut's Avatar
    Thanks to everyone for the GREAT information!! The reason I'm still using 4.5 is that it seems that 5 isn't available for the 8330m, which is the model I have. I'll have to check out the Hybrid OS that you mention, span89 (is yours an 8330m model?).

    After reading all this great advice, I've decided to stick with the 8330 until it dies. It's not that the new models don't sound great, and it's not the cost of buying a new handset--it's that I'll then be stuck forevermore with the Spint Premium Data Plan, at an extra $120/yr. At some point that will be inevitable, but I'd rather hold it off as long as possible.

    Really appreciate the thorough responses. Especially from you, jranciano. Wow, if phone store salesman paid as much attention to what customers say is important to them as you did, there'd be a lot more satisfied customers!!
    09-17-11 02:53 PM
  2. span89's Avatar
    I have a regular 8330, not the 8330m. Good luck! It sounds like you're already happy with the setup you have, so that's good.

    PS- Salesmen don't want your satisfaction, they want your salary
    09-18-11 01:13 AM
  3. nickdalzell1's Avatar
    i stuck with a Nokia 5185i for over a decade, until my first iPhone and later Android and now Blackberry, it was a year ago i still carried the very dated Nokia, but it worked. it texted, called, received calls, had voice mail, even games. it did what i wanted. the BlackBerry just does a bit more, it can play music, message a bit better, and is durable. it has a real keyboard. but it still has the simple natured OS that reminds me of my 5185i. i may not represent a true 'geek' since i don't impulsively buy the next shiny gadget i see at Staples, but of course when i do upgrade i just keep it until i need another new feature. if something i have works for a long time, even if it gets obsolete, who cares. it works. i don't care if people got a Torch, i don't need one----yet.
    09-25-11 12:05 PM
  4. GingerSnapsBack's Avatar
    QNX on the new BB will have activsync thus wait another 5 months. You've waited this long.
    With RIM's track record for releasing phones, you may be waiting a lot longer than 5 months for QNX.
    09-26-11 09:05 AM
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