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    Read this before you comment a simple answer.
    I know Thorsten Heins said that they will accept the number 3 spot, for now, but...
    Assume that BlackBerry 10 is a huge hit in both the consumer market and for business users, do you think it will ever overcome Apple?
    Apple has got lucky. Their UI on all there devices were pleasing to a lot of people. But all it takes is one wrong move on Apple's part or one Huge great move on BlackBerry 's part, which I think is very possible. Apple just needs to redesign their iOS, which I think is in the talks for the next major update, and there's a 50/50 chance that current iPhone users will say nooo I don't like this new OS, seeya later iPhone. Cause if you get used to something for 5 or 6 years then suddenly it becomes obsolete or unavailable or completely different , you'll probably be kinda upset, and if you don't like the new thing you'll probably try something new. So many smartphone users have no idea of the competition between RIM Apple and Android, and only pay attention to their own device. So an iPhone user who doesn't like the new OS will see BlackBerry, Android and all the other smartphones as equal so I think there's a good chance BlackBerry will once again take off if iOS is overhauled in the near future, especially because BlackBerry 10 looks so great from the few pics we've seen.
    *this is just my opinion so please don't start an argument *
    05-16-12 03:30 PM
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    RIM does not have the ecosystem needed to make such an ambitious climb so quickly. It might happen in the future, but right now there is no iCloud, and "there ISN'T an app for that."

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    05-16-12 03:34 PM
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    I think its extremely possible that rim could overcome apple..but just not anytime soon. the feelings towards iphones are so very strong, that it will take a good amount of time for people to change their feelings, even though bb10 could (i think will) be a better product than iphones.
    05-16-12 03:39 PM
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    No need to be number 1 or overtake anyone as long as you're making a profit, selling them and not losing customers like sieve.

    Not that at some point they can't.
    05-16-12 03:44 PM
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    If you follow tech history no one company lasts for ever... Companies such as Novel.. Word Perfect, Netscape, IBM, Apple (yes Apple) Myspace.... were considered untouchable...... the list goes on..... Nothing in the Tech world is forever....

    There are many good points in the OP concerning Apple... The walled garden is a double edge sword... right now it the walled garden offers good selection and ease of use... the downside is that when you wall yourself in innovation in the long term suffers..... Add to a revolt brewing with many carriers.... Apple's apprant indifference to the developing world it may be a very bumpy ride indeed....

    As for RIM coming back.... could happen.... Right now security is an afterthought... all it would take is a 9/11 type of security meltdown in the tech industry to have people wake up to the how unsecured smartphones are harzzardous....

    wathed a news piece today when a reporter using and NFC reader was able to collect credit card info from people on the street.... just passed the device near people on the street and guess what .... could collect what kind of card and the card number..... quiet scary....
    05-16-12 03:49 PM
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    The title to this post is very true. If you have had a BB for a while(remember the Storm launch) was horrible. If they build a solid device in the BB10 they can make steps to being better. The 99xx series was a good start. I know that everyone is excited for BB10. That said I hope RIM takes their time and spends cash flow in a productive manner. Bringing it out early would be very costly. If we all had to wait a few extra months....would it really be that bad? I'm more then content with my 9930, I hope and expect that BB10 will be not just an eye catcher but a market changer!

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    05-16-12 03:49 PM