1. tingertinger's Avatar
    I'm a noob in posting on forums and discussions groups and this is really the first site I've ever posting anything on... I have a few questions:

    - What is a 'sticky' thread?

    - What is a hot thread?

    - How do go back to my post so I can see if my questions have been answered? Is it with the 'Additional Options' section below and I have to subscribe? Right now I've been just scrolling through the threads in the forum I posted in to see if there have been any replies. A lot to scroll through and findibng it considering all the activity here.
    12-07-07 12:46 PM
  2. SoldatCrinale's Avatar
    a sticky thread is a thread you suscribed to and it will stay in your subscriptions. if any one posts, you will get notification as the thread title being highlighted when you checked the subscribed.

    hot thread is one that is a popular thread. These threads have the most activitiy and are labeled hot. Hope that helps.
    Oh and by the way,

    Welcome to Crackberry,We hope you enjoy the forums.(geez i sound like one of those robotic mall greeters)
    12-08-07 03:43 AM