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    Heins had no business to debut his CEO tenure with a statement that RIM does not need a drastic change. Also, who the does he think he is to say RIM will not be split up or be sold? If Heins puts everything he has, I mean everything he has in RIM stock and takes only 150,000 in annual salary to live, rest in RIM stock with a stipulation that he cannot ever cash his stock below $40 per share then I know he is for real. Until then, he is just another version of an evil corporate villain who use public companies as their piggy banks.
    How can Thorsten say he will not sell? H ecould say that the stock price is topo low so for him to sell the company the premium has to be very high, so high that it has no precedent. But outright rejection is unacceptable. With stock at 16, if he got an offer for 50, will he sell?
    Also how could he say splitting the company is out of the question? The new Chairwoman, Stymiest, her firm RBC's analyst Mike Abramsky says splitting the company may make sense. For Heins to reject it outright is a travesty.
    Yes, Heins gave some time to crackberry but I feel disgusted how Crackberry has made a hero out of him already. Maybe he is just a patsy for the two guys who built and then destroyed this company and sent the shareholders to the poorhouse.
    Shame on Heins to be such a wimp.
    02-01-12 09:12 PM
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    Here we go again...Whiskey Tango Foxtrot, over!!!
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    02-01-12 09:37 PM
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    Only time will tell.
    02-01-12 09:46 PM
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    You may want to read the details of that discussion. This thread is destine for failure. So...........
    02-01-12 10:17 PM