View Poll Results: Do you listen to music on your BlackBerry?

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  • All the Time!

    103 13.98%
  • Often

    108 14.65%
  • Sometimes

    194 26.32%
  • Rarely

    137 18.59%
  • Never

    195 26.46%
12-27-07 04:03 AM
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  1. ThatsAngel's Avatar
    once i get my 8800 it will double up as my music player.
    12-22-07 12:23 PM
  2. whtawhit's Avatar
    I also use an ipod shuffle and a nano.
    12-22-07 02:55 PM
  3. shabazosu's Avatar
    I like to keep my BB separate from my iPod. If I wanted to listen to music from my phone, I would've bought an iPhone.
    12-22-07 03:54 PM
  4. squash's Avatar
    I'm not surprised to see how even that turnout was, it doesn't seem like the kind of phone many people would use to listen to music, plus not being able to accept a stand headphone jack, takes some of the fun out of it. We have better things to do than sit around listening to music all day anyway!
    12-22-07 04:55 PM
  5. taff007's Avatar
    I love my 3 year old ipod too much to stop using it, and it would take forever and far too much bother to transfer all my music.
    12-22-07 05:03 PM
  6. gratefull dad's Avatar
    As a train commuter , I use the BB at least once a day, and recharge when I get to work. Using 2 gig card but don't want to invest in 4 gig because I'm waiting for the OS upgrade which will allow a 6 gig or bigger.
    12-22-07 05:05 PM
  7. chain298's Avatar
    I have an ipod but I've found that I use my BB more and more and my ipod less and less
    12-22-07 05:20 PM
  8. clyon's Avatar
    I do have an ipod, but I am getting more accustomed to transferring music to the bb. I guess battery life would be my biggest concern.
    12-22-07 07:29 PM
  9. benp311's Avatar
    I have an ipod shuffle, which is real nice because it's small. My blackberry does have a media player but the headphone jack is the mini size so I don't feel like buying new headphones just for the smaller jack or one of those converters or a stereo bluetooth just to listen to music from the blackberry. I mean it would be nice to utilize my blackberry for music when it has a player but I don't feel like buying something when I already have an ipod i guess.
    12-22-07 07:55 PM
  10. dembidj's Avatar
    I haven't tried to listen to music, yet on my blackberry, but that would be the best. I really love having only one electric tool.
    12-22-07 08:52 PM
  11. CGF's Avatar
    Ipod Touch.
    12-22-07 09:27 PM
  12. jmathias's Avatar
    bb is all i got dont need anything else
    12-22-07 10:00 PM
  13. puglady's Avatar
    listening to music on my break at work is the best stress reliever I have found.
    12-22-07 10:13 PM
  14. unclebanglin's Avatar
    i don't like iPods and anyways don't need portable media b/c i still believe in CD's!!!
    12-22-07 10:17 PM
  15. sbkwright's Avatar
    I have an ipod and a portable XM player, but I look forward to listening to tunes on BB when it comes on Monday.
    12-22-07 10:27 PM
  16. gegraham's Avatar
    The player on the curve 8320 is plenty cool enough for other device required.
    12-22-07 11:23 PM
  17. squash's Avatar
    I have an ipod that i keep in my car. It's hooked up to my car stereo, so that's my cd collection! Otherwise, for portability, I use a little Creative Zen.
    12-22-07 11:35 PM
  18. dirtypirate's Avatar
    Thank you, you are the best!

    Posted from my CrackBerry at
    12-23-07 12:57 AM
  19. humam's Avatar
    i can't using music or video in my BB coz 8707v hasn't ext memory card, so that's why i always dream have BB with great feature ......
    12-23-07 04:22 AM
  20. w3s's Avatar
    I only use my blackberry, that's actually why I got it. No more PDA, cellphone and iPod carrying days. It's a curve and curve alone time
    12-23-07 06:28 AM
  21. bwright's Avatar
    I use my Sansa mp3 player
    12-23-07 06:50 AM
  22. cdsilv's Avatar
    usually thru my BT enabled tomtom 910 gps
    12-23-07 08:21 AM
  23. applejosh's Avatar
    I have an iPod for music. Listening on the Pearl would just drain my battery and take away from more important things, like all the cool online things I can do with it.
    12-23-07 10:19 AM
  24. Ti2m's Avatar
    You mean it plays music too????? Just go it Wednesday so It will be awhile till I figure out how to get music on there.
    12-23-07 11:54 AM
  25. rbsprouse's Avatar
    I use an Ipod at the gym and in my car have not taken the time to download music to my phone.
    12-23-07 12:22 PM
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