View Poll Results: Do you listen to music on your BlackBerry?

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  • All the Time!

    103 13.98%
  • Often

    108 14.65%
  • Sometimes

    194 26.32%
  • Rarely

    137 18.59%
  • Never

    195 26.46%
12-27-07 03:03 AM
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  1. tribe92z's Avatar
    I mainly use an ipod because of the capacity
    12-19-07 02:24 PM
  2. Ellipse's Avatar
    My BB is the only portable music player I use. Why carry all those devices?
    12-19-07 02:53 PM
  3. zerog46's Avatar
    Since I got my new Pearl that's it nothing else.
    12-19-07 02:59 PM
  4. farrj's Avatar
    I use a Sirius Stiletto and iPod for Music. However, while listening to music I am usually on the Blackberry reading email!
    12-19-07 03:02 PM
  5. acardin's Avatar
    I only have my Blackberry and I do not see a need for anything other. The Blackberry does everything I want.
    12-19-07 03:13 PM
  6. sjuno's Avatar
    I only use the BB. It has it all and when you add the great add-ons from Crackberry it makes things a lot cooler.
    12-19-07 03:15 PM
  7. R8Rberry's Avatar
    I have a Rio Sport & a Sony Clie.
    12-19-07 03:19 PM
  8. jdiegs's Avatar
    blackberry is it my only wish is that i can stream music directly to it...
    12-19-07 03:22 PM
  9. mjmetzgar's Avatar
    I hate to say, but I'm a bit behind the times. I don't own an MP3 player, or an i-Pod. In July I got a portable DVD player. That helps on those long flights. Or when the power goes out. (That actually happened.) So far my BlackBerry is the coolest toy I own.
    12-19-07 03:22 PM
  10. kjklht's Avatar
    Stereo Headphones would be cool!
    12-19-07 03:23 PM
  11. slimer's Avatar
    12-19-07 03:25 PM
  12. evjordan's Avatar
    Only the blackberry.
    I'm cheap cheap cheap cheap cheap.......
    12-19-07 03:26 PM
  13. mjimenez0's Avatar
    Ahhh i listen to both when I don't have my ipod i use my blackberry.
    12-19-07 03:31 PM
  14. vanityhairmd's Avatar
    i have an mp3 but i only use my phone
    12-19-07 03:53 PM
  15. eazyeray's Avatar
    i have a microsoft zune, the original heavy as a brick version
    12-19-07 03:56 PM
  16. Galvatron's Avatar
    riding the bike to and from work have al my tunes soterd on a 2 gig microsd
    12-19-07 03:57 PM
  17. mprice's Avatar
    Until my BB can hold my 3500 tracks of music I'm sticking with my iPod. But if it had a better media player... Hmmm...
    12-19-07 04:05 PM
  18. jcparry's Avatar
    I am addicted to the Jazz channels on XM Radio, but I have a separate XM Radio for that.
    12-19-07 04:11 PM
  19. scboatman's Avatar
    My BB is my everything when it comes to communucations and mobile entertainment. So I use my BB only!
    12-19-07 04:11 PM
  20. williamsdanny's Avatar
    I use the stereo at home or the car. but with nice new stereo headphones... who knows....
    12-19-07 04:11 PM
  21. parkie37's Avatar
    I used to use an Ipod all of the time, but since I got my 8310, I haven't picked up the Ipod once!

    I am awaiting OS 4.3 so that I can buy an 8GB MicroSD card to load all of my music : )

    12-19-07 04:16 PM
  22. poshspace's Avatar
    Yes, especially when I' m going in the Gym because if someone calls me I can reply at the same time is great ..
    12-19-07 04:51 PM
  23. jdr31173's Avatar
    when i travel, the ipod, other than than don't listen to music
    12-19-07 04:53 PM
  24. oskaru's Avatar
    mostly I use my ipod, nano ver. which is small and sleek. I find it more convinient.
    12-19-07 04:57 PM
  25. ktaylor312's Avatar
    still love my ipod...
    12-19-07 04:58 PM
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