09-28-13 10:58 AM
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  1. crucial bbq's Avatar
    No, but, if had a Ford, and was thinking of buying a BMW, I wouldn't have to consider whether Ford as a company would exist in 2 years time or not.
    Unlike Palm and webOS, RIM [BlackBerry] has a long history of innovation, and as we all know, many years at the top. BlackBerry may never become King, but they have too much under their belt to simply "disappear" in two years time. Really, BlackBerry is going nowhere.

    ...and yes, I realize Palm originated in 1992 or so...
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    09-28-13 10:39 AM
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    "Nfc, bluetooth that isn't locked down, expandable memory, removal battery, Flash support in browser to watch streams, reply to whatapps, and bbm from any app, USB charging..."

    All of this is stuff that maybe 5% of the market cares about.

    (And there are even workaround for most of those, like the Flash compatible browser in the App Store)

    Maybe this is why the iPhone is popular. It does 90% of what you want to do really, really well.

    Android and BB10 on the other hand, does 95% of what you want to do on a computer, but its mediocre at many of those tasks, and even quite bad at a few.

    Whether you should get an iPhone depends on which one of those trade offs sounds more appealing.
    09-28-13 10:58 AM
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