1. JustBlaze330's Avatar
    So I was looking to jump ship from Virgin mobile to T-mobile, I was probably going to get the Bold 9700, but then I decided in the end I really didnt want to switch carriers again, plus I love my 25$ a month phone bill. Instead, I've opted to go for Virgin Mobiles Blackberry Curbe 8530, but I have to wait a week. I have *just* enough to get the phone itself this week and then pretty much have no money left over for the remainder of the week, or I can put half aside this week and then buy it Next week. I've already been waiting for an upgrade since I got Virgin mobile. I came from the droid on Verizon so I miss my smartphone...
    I know I'll be missing out on what the Bold offers but I don't want to jump carriers again and I will take the Curve from Virgin Mobile, I belive it's the 8530 model, how big of a difference will I be getting in devices?

    I can't wait for to have a blackberry again, I loved my Storm 2 when I had it with Verizon.. What are some things I can do Blackberry related to help pass by this week? I am looking forward to not having to carry around my phone and my ipod everywhere..

    11-12-10 10:19 AM
  2. bbicons's Avatar
    You can go buy Call of duty black ops like everyone else in the world, or go to blackberry.com and think about what the release date for the playbook will be lol
    11-12-10 10:35 AM
  3. JustBlaze330's Avatar
    ha ha yeah the playbook looks pretty sweet, Probably will be out of my price range though. I was thinking more BB oriented things, so I'll be ready to go when I get my Curve
    11-12-10 11:02 AM