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    ...that DOES NOT use voice minutes? I travel extensively globally and have a worldwide blackberry data plan - but roaming minutes kill me. What I am looking for is a true data only voip client for my blackberry pearl 8120 that uses only data. I have tried a few, but all seem to indicate that they use voice minutes as well as data.
    Any suggestions appreciated.
    07-09-08 12:28 PM
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    I don't know of any. Welcome to CB.
    07-09-08 12:38 PM
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    EQO - Mobile VoIP, free texts, and free mobile IM with EQO

    That is the only app I know of...

    Other than that, you can switch to TMobile and use your 8120s WiFi to call over UMA!! You can do this free from anywhere with Hotspot@Home service

    (I had a better write-up for you and accidentally closed my browser window!! sh*t!!)
    07-09-08 12:40 PM
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    Welcome to CrackBerry.

    The best you can get is Unlicenced Mobile Access and the only carrier that supports it is T-Mobile.

    When UMA is active, in any Wifi Hotspot, anywhere on the Planet, you have unlimited VoIP and data.
    07-09-08 12:42 PM
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    Thanks for the quick responses.
    Unfortunately I have to stay with ATT (company policy), so I guess I'm toast in using a true voip data only client with my BB? (I think EQO uses minutes).
    07-09-08 12:58 PM
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    Thanks for the quick responses.
    Unfortunately I have to stay with ATT (company policy), so I guess I'm toast in using a true voip data only client with my BB? (I think EQO uses minutes).
    Eh, well glad we could help... and Welcome to CrackBerry!!
    07-09-08 01:00 PM
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    FYI, I checked with EQO support and they said:

    "EQO uses local voice minutes for the duration of the call.
    I don't think that there are any pure VoIP BlackBerry
    clients out there just yet--though I am sure someone will do
    this soon.
    EQO Customer Support"
    07-09-08 01:01 PM
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    If this isn't a niche market, I don't know what is Who wouldn't pay a one-time fee to have a tool that goes through the port filter hoops and actually delivers true VoIP...

    I know Skype and telecoms have (spoken or not) agreement NOT to allow voice over data plan, so I am wondering how long before we see a third party solution...
    07-12-09 05:43 AM
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    Nope. Even EQO uses a local number to call into their network. Skype does the same thing.
    07-12-09 09:22 AM
  10. admirer's Avatar
    i was wondering any new services in this line by now?? this was a old thread..
    07-12-09 10:54 PM
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    hey guys... long time reader... first time poster.
    im sorry if this is a stupid question, ive looked around for an answer but couldnt find anythng

    i have a curve with sprint. i have unlimited mins and data.
    my girlfriend is in canada at the moment and will be for the yr.
    any voip apps that i can use to call her cell phone for free?
    and if not free, than how much for unltd calls to canada?

    thanks in advance
    07-13-09 08:41 PM
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    Hi all,

    I've tried loading http://m/eqo.com into my 9500 Storm browser (which is set to Blackberry IDentification) but I get a gateway eror saying that address doesn't exist.

    Does anyone know how to download EQO OTA??

    I'm desperate for a VOIP application on my 9500.


    11-04-09 05:20 AM
  13. zuit's Avatar
    RIM Makes it's own Voip Client / Server that looks pretty cool..
    02-06-10 02:08 AM
  14. vincentnyc's Avatar
    Drum rolls...the only true voip for blackberry is: im+ 4.0 skype for blackberry. U guys can thank me later.

    ps if any of u calls want to do a test voip call...please let me know.

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    02-06-10 09:58 AM
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    I'm a noob when it comes to the latest gadgets but I'm told something about a SIP number. I was told to look at Gizmo5.com but found they were recently acquired by google. Can anyone shed any light? Will this really solve our dilemma?
    06-16-10 07:25 AM
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    Just download BlackVoib for free and use it until Sept 15. BlackVoib is a BlackBerry SIP client not tied to any service and runs at least on 4 BlackBerry models.

    Just follow the link
    BlackVoib is a SIP client for BlackBerries
    06-26-10 10:40 AM
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    Here is another option:

    02-16-11 09:20 AM
  18. gedubraks's Avatar
    I use tringme. Its not free.. But it uses wifi.. And so doesn't use your minutes.

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    02-16-11 01:07 PM