1. Yamichik's Avatar
    I've been trying to figure this out for days, I have a family member in Kolkata using a BlackBerry with Vodafone service to keep in touch. For the past 6 days I haven't been able to contact them at all via bbm or anything. The last I heard from them was Saturday at noon EST when suddenly mid-conversation, bbm just stopped sending. I remember some days ago they were telling me about complaining to Vodafone because we had been noticing for weeks that everyday at certain times of night their service would suddenly just cease, then the next morning it would be working again. Now when I bbm them I get the little x next to the messages, so I know those aren't going through. I have called but when it connects I can hear someone saying hello over and over, but they clearly can't hear me replying. They aren't very "connected" as I am here in the USA, so BB internet, email, bbm, etc is really our only method of communication. I'm getting abit worried to be honest, what's going on out there?? Thanks so much if anyone knows.
    09-21-12 10:40 AM