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    04-20-12 04:44 PM
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    Yes. However, they are just all hiding under all the bad news.
    Its hard to find, but its there...

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    04-20-12 05:00 PM
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    Hopefully BlackBerry World Mobile Conference at the beginning of May and the release of Cascades should bring some positive results.

    I was walking down the street in NYC and saw an ad for opening of official Porsche Design Store in Soho . The only item shown was new Porsche BlackBerry . Soho is where most major brands have their flagship stores. That Porsche choose BlackBerry is significant.

    One thing that's unspoken but true ,is that most high level executives still use BlackBerry. Corporate espionage is very real. Critical information trumps Instagram and Facebook . Android and iOS are a hacker's paradise.
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    04-20-12 05:23 PM
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    I work in Midtown-east and if I were to judge global market share by what I see within a five block radius of my office I'd swear BlackBerry still had 50%+ market share. Same applies in airports when I travel.

    It's only when I stray into Starbucks, restaurants, GCT, when it becomes clear that there are more other phones than BBs.
    04-20-12 05:28 PM
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    The previous post sounds like Blackberry for work and business, iPhone for play and the groovy hipsters at the coffee shops.

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    04-20-12 07:22 PM
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    I see at least 50% BlackBerries at the gym I go to, that was a little unexpected for me, but I realize it's the device you can use on the go, in between sets. Using Android and iPhone just slows you down.
    04-20-12 07:28 PM
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    I went to Dubai for Holidays the first two weeks of April. I saw at least 80%+ BlackBerry Smartphones - an very odd situation for me as German. The Arabs love BlackBerry Smartphones and they are very addicted to BBM.

    As for the positive news - I went to a IT trade fair today and talked to a representative at the RIM booth. He told me that registered developers will get a BB10 Device at BB World 2012 - so you could expect that RIM feels confident about the development status of the OS so that they could show it to (a small part of) the public. I am convinced the promised release date for the new device(s) in autumn of this year is still possible.

    As for my orthography and grammar kindly remind English is not my first language.
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    04-20-12 08:02 PM
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    i just watched the video of the Porsche QNX concept. you always wonder what the next-big-thing is, and holy cow, that blew me away.

    just hope the browser doesn't crash going 180 on the autobahn
    04-20-12 08:37 PM
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    i really hope BB10 will bring back RIM. compete or not to competitions. i hope they will have a new phones, and hope PB would get the benefit of it too. i love blackberry, the security, the email, txt. man I cant function without it. can't wait what's next!? negative or positive. im a bbf. Blackberry forever..

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    04-20-12 08:51 PM
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    Whatever they do, I truly hope one of the developers makes the TK Victory come to life.
    04-20-12 09:03 PM