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    I've had my BB for almost a year and from time to time I've tried a new theme.
    So question one is why the themes always reorganise my carefully set-up folders so that I need to spend hours putting my "reference" apps back into a "reference" folder and my gardening apps into a gardening folder and so on .
    Is there something in the basic design that prevents new themes from simply replicating the exisiting folder organisation? And if so why. Especially since it's all there as I left it when I revert back to the built in theme.

    And question two is Why do (almost) no themes have a "Today" screen option. The basic in-built theme has this. I need to have my appointments on display. As soon as I try a new theme I lose that option - which is why I always end up reverting.


    Three days later: No replies.
    My questions were not unreasonable.
    My English is clear.
    The issues are common.

    Yet there are no responses.

    Do I assume that Crackberry readers are not interested in or knowledgable about how or why their machines have the limitations they do?
    Or do Crackberry readers not want to share their knowledge?

    I have so many questions about my BB.
    I've never usd a machine before with so little basic information available about its functioning. Here is where I expected to find out more. But I'm starting to think that this forum isn't all it's cracked up to be (Pun intended).
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