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    This is a goodbye to the Blackberry community. Although bittersweet, I feel it's necessary. I had my first BB, Pearl, back in high school about 4 years ago. Since the Pearl I've moved on to the Bold 9000.
    Eventually it also served as my work phone I currently use it for. It's been a good ride. Everyone on crackberry.com has been great, thanks for all the help.
    Now for the grim reality.
    The UI has advanced painfully slow over the years. RIM has a huge loyal fan base, but stupidly they don't take advantage and keep releasing what is essentially the same phone. What's gone wrong? From the start, the HORRIBLE trackball that's died on me over 5 different times. The horrid lag that resulted from the low memory (both my Pearls and my Bold were victims. I'd reset my phone, and about 10 minutes later I'd get a Quick Pull message saying you have 4 MB's left. With only 3 apps). No open GL. Bad Browser. I never cared about the apps, but seriously, NO GREAT APPS.
    Now I've always been a cracbkberry enthusiast so I always said, like you, "if you want a fun phone, get an iphone. this is a great business phone." But I seriously can't defend RIM and their phones anymore. My Bold only lasts for about 4 hours at work and constantly runs out of RAM. I had high hopes from OS 6, but it disappointed me to an astronomic level.
    After being away from the Blackberry scene I come back to what, the Blackberry STYLE?! Seriously, RIM..... what the ****. You have so many celebrities that use Blackberries which is great advertising, but when I take my girlfriend to check out the newest phone, she looks at me and asks "are we still in 2005?"
    Anyways thanks for the memories, Blackberry. I hope you fix up. Take a cue from Microsoft and realize that it's okay to give your OS a complete overhaul. Do it, before you lose any more users than you currently are.
    Thanks everyone. Peace. And on that note, hellooooooo HTC Surround powered by Windows Phone 7
    10-20-10 07:54 PM
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    Enjoy your new phone!
    10-20-10 07:59 PM
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    Duplicate post.
    10-20-10 08:02 PM