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    Thanks to Garz for the newest and most current os for the 8320. I upgraded last night with no problems at all except for one tiny little issue.
    I do not have a icon for BB maps. Its loaded but I cant get into it. I tried deleting and re-installing but that didn't work. Also still experiencing random reboots now and then. Ideas????

    Thanks, I appreciate all u addicts.
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    09-09-08 04:54 PM
  2. Garz's Avatar
    Your welcome. I never used BB maps so I cant answer your question on that. I use google maps. Now with the rebooting, how often does it happen? Do you have a memory card installed?
    09-09-08 05:06 PM
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    Thanks for your support. I do in fact have a 2g card installed. It happens a couple of times a day. Sometimes I only know it because the home screen is returned to default. This morning i just happen to look down at the phone while it was doing it. Could you tell me how to get Google Maps on my 8320?

    Thanks Again.
    09-09-08 05:23 PM
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    This is something you can try for the rebooting issue. This may not be your issue but its worth a shot to try it.--> For rebooting issues

    I'll post back with a google map link in just a few minutes.
    09-09-08 05:26 PM
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    For google maps from your mobile browser, type m.google.com/maps but make sure you remove the www.
    09-09-08 05:31 PM