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    I avoided having a smartphone for personal use even though I work with android as a developer (My work does not involve making phone calls so I never have to have a personal droid). Only Blackberry's make sense to me that I had to have a smartphone because my boss required me to. I bought BB from craigslist because I have an allergy for paying phones via the provider $ucking contracts or pay full price. An 8520 and 8900 from someone who jumped ship to the iPhone.

    I got the gray screen of death and I thank this site for the clear cut instructions to get me back on line within an hour. Then the tutorials for wifi, bypassing the Web2Go etc etc

    BB's design just make absolute sense. Plus BB's as I have seen from my daughter's rough usage of it tell me these are though phones, just like those metal clad Nokia's that I have. A great phone to do some real work. Great UI and a lot of good built in security.

    Android developer using BB as a phone. yes -- I feel like working for GM and driving a Toyota.

    Thanks again crackberry for helping me out and the info for choosing a BB.
    12-06-10 11:58 PM
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    Well, there are folks here that are glad they can help. Strange twist of fate, but life is often like that.

    Enjoy your BlackBerry. Not against Android phones, but they've yet to make a form factor I care for.

    Glad you're here.

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    12-07-10 12:57 AM