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    I already posted something similar in the blog today but I figured it would go unnoticed because of the amount of commenter's. Hopefully Mod's see this.

    Id just like to say Happy Birthday to Crackberry.com. I have been a member since 2009 but I started reading this site back in 2008. I remember the old CrackBerry theme and I must say the site has grown IMMENSELY. This site takes away from my life way to much. I am constantly refreshing the page every 15 minutes at home, on my Bold & at work. CrackBerry has given me so much. BlackBerry isn't just a device for me its a passion. Thank YOU for the latest news, for the late nights reading blogs and waiting for releases. From 8800 to BB10.
    What is my birthday wish from CrackBerry? Keep it going. Thank you Kevin, Adam, Bla1ze, Craig, Ryan, Michelle, Joseph, Chris & Issac for Great articles, Quality of content, Destroying the trolls and most of all showing me just how amazing the BlackBerry Platform truly is. Ive been on many forums in the past but I must say this is the best quality wise and content wise. Mod's are truly devoted to their work and Kevin truly is the #1 BlackBerry fanboy. (If you disagree watch him buy a $500 app).
    Thank you for introducing me to Mobile. its scary how much of an influence this site has made on me personally. I'm presently studying Computer Science and hope to be a developer for RIM. Thanks CrackBerry and thanks everyone on the forums! Happy birthday!
    02-26-12 06:11 PM
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    I agree complete whit this letter, it's if I read about my self.
    Happy baby to CB, I already sign up for a wish.
    Keep on going CB 45 more years up to the 50.
    Thanks till now for everything.

    Enjoy DelftEo
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    02-26-12 06:16 PM
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    Happy 5th Birthday CB ! Thanks for making my bb experience so much fun !!

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    02-26-12 06:18 PM
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    Amazing, beautiful post <3

    Well, I can HONESTLY vouch for everything he wrote. At first, I could've stood in front of him in my underwear and he wouldn't even have noticed.:P Everything there is to say has already been said,but he really is the ultimate Blackberry fan, I could see his passion for it all and it makes me laugh when I see him get so exited about a new product coming out. He's so loyal to the company and has such an innovative mind that RIM would be so lucky to have him on there team. I call him my Blackberry man (don't be embarrassed the world now knows). I was a Blackberry girl before him but hes taught me so much I love him with all my heart. <3

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY CRACKBERRY!!!! Keep up the great work & having such a great site that lets him and everyone else express and explore there love and passion, and being able to help and teach one another in a great community.

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    02-26-12 07:17 PM