1. wildbonz's Avatar
    We activated 3 new phones last week on Telus. My torch, a curve, and a LG shine.

    Everything worked fine until Saturday. Then texting became intermittent, and would work with some people and not others.
    I can text some people, I can text myself, but I cannot send or receive texts from most. I can't text my wife or daughter who are on the same plan.

    I was on the phone with Telus tech 3 times yesterday, they restarted the plan, we pulled the batteries and sim cards, rebooted, etc.

    I made sure the contacts were set to 'mobile' and used the 10 digit numbers.

    When I send a text to the people who don't get it, it shows the ((( symbol while it sends then a check mark appears, but the texts are not actually received.

    I don't have a Telus store where I live so I have to drive about an hour, and the Telus help hasn't helped.

    Everything else on the phone appears to work, bbm, etc.

    Any ideas?

    01-12-11 02:28 PM