1. BKbroiler42's Avatar
    Phone- Tour 9630
    Network- Sprint

    A while back people I would text with would tell me my text looked funny and wanted to know what all the junk was in the txt? The problem has gotten worse and worse to where I am afraid to use txt now!

    At first the txt would have odd characters plugged in like #$%#@&*#, etc. Then they became truncated and a whole string of junk like that on the end rather then what I wrote. Now it is even worse! If I have txt msgs in my inbox from 3 or 4 different people...it will cross text! Yes, I can type a txt message to one person and it may cut part of it off and pull some of the text I sent to another person and drop it into the text I just sent! It still does plug in funky jibberish characters in the middle or end of the text too. A couple examples:

    I sent a message to my boss about my success in selling 4 systems last week. Then I texted a buddy (who also happens to be a competitor) about getting together for a drink. Well...my text to him was cut off and part of what I text to my boss was dropped into the text to the competitor! Like cross talk...it is cross texting!

    Then I sent a long text to my son and the second half of the text was cut off...just truncated right out. I did NOT go over the 160 characters either.

    I called Sprint and they reset the application, but the problem still exists. I did not have this problem till I went to .484 and not even right away after I upgraded. Is anyone else seeing this problem? Any suggestions?
    03-15-10 11:40 AM
  2. Kemotaha's Avatar
    Sounds like a memory corruption issue.
    03-15-10 01:01 PM